Biometric System


Biometric systems contribute effectively to establishing the security demanded by governments and citizens.Biometrics attendance system used to track each and every person coming to your place is actually who he claims to be or not with its time and other details.It uses finger or face recognition system to verify person’s identity and record its time-in and time-out with all details.
eg.Biometrics Fingerprints based Time Attendance Systems, Access Control System, Fingerprint Scanner, Facial Recognition,
Proximity and Smart card based products, CCTV Camera, and many more to system integrators, software developers and products resellers.Our range of products and services is supplied to a variety of associations, institutions, establishments and organizations across the country.


SKK Technologies Pte Ltd is well known for Providers of Quality of Biometric Time Attendance Systems in all over India.Thumb based Attendance Machine are best machines to solve all your problems related to time and attendance of the employee.Fingerprint Attendance Recorder can be used to uniquely identify person.We have Dealers that Supply us Good Quality of Time Attendance System at reasonable price.These are best Biometric Attendance System for managing time and attendance of employees.


Biometric face recognition systems will collect data from the user’s face and store them in a database for future use.Facial recognition systems are commonly used for security purposes but are increasingly being used in a variety of other applications.It will measure the overall structure, shape and proportion of features on the user’s face.